Shell-and-tube heat exchangers are among the most common devices. They are used for heat exchange and thermochemical processes between different liquids, vapors and gases - both without change, and with changing their aggregate state:

  • single-phase flows, boiling and condensation on the hot and cold sides of the heat exchanger with vertical or horizontal execution
  •  Pressure range from vacuum to high values
  •  Within a wide range, the changing pressure differentials on both sides due to a wide variety of options
  •  meeting the requirements for thermal stresses without significantly increasing the cost of the apparatus
  •  sizes from small to extremely large (5000 m2)
  •  the possibility of using different materials in accordance with the requirements for cost, corrosion, temperature and pressure
  •  use of advanced heat exchange surfaces both inside the pipes and outside, various intensifiers, etc.
  •  the ability to extract a bundle of pipes for cleaning and repair

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